We embrace the future with technology and education.

Our Story

It all started in 2006 when we became the Istanbul agent of Macmillan Education. In 2007, we became one of the first companies to bring digital learning tools to Turkey. Thanks to the experience gained through working with the leading brands in the education sector we chose to branch out and publish our own books. We published our first story-based ELT skills programme in 2010 which was just the beginning for our range of books.

In 2015, we started to produce tailor-made content that specifically meets the needs of institutions, described as "ground-breaking" by many educators and institutions in Turkey.

Apart from our own publications, we also added the leading international digital brands from the education sector to our portfolio.

In 2018, keeping up with the digitalising age, we started to produce technological materials in education under the influence of today’s learner profile.

In line with our goal of renewal and growth, we took action and divided into sections. With our renewed image, we have started different solution partnerships such as web design, online events & a livestreaming platform, app development and web services.

Our Aim

At Macenta, our aim is to be the solution partner for institutions, teachers, students and parents. We want to know what your needs are, how you market yourselves, what your curriculum is, and your educational philosophy. Once we know you, we are committed to provide the right learning materials to support your learners’, your teachers’ and your vision.


Macenta was established.


Macmillan Education Istanbul Agency


First ELT Skills Program Published


Oxford University Press UK Exclusive Distributer


DEPP Project
(Tailor-made Production)


Lightsail Turkey Distributor


Multi-Level Course Production


Eduforfun Online ELT Learning Platform




Software Development, Live-streaming, App Development, Web Services