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Improve Your English Through Sustainable Development Goals

Teach knowledge, skills and values for solving interconnected global problems such as climate change, unsustainable use of resources and inequality.

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Customised Learning Solutions

Our team of professional instructors produces customised practice materials that suit your curriculum, course books and pacing. As well as these customised practice materials, our team has another aim that is very important to us.

This aim is to provide English language teachers with the opportunity to take part in the production of these materials alongside our qualified, experienced and dynamic team of international educators.

  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Online Support
  • Custom Design
  • Reading, Use of English, Vocabulary, Writing, Listening
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Digital Learning Solutions

We create interactive learning platforms to support students throughout their language learning journey.

Our focus is on modular platforms. This helps us to modify sections quickly and easily as the institutions request and require. Because of this, the solutions we create are not one size fits all.

  • Responsive Design
  • Modular Platforms
  • SSO Integration
  • Learning Management System
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Social Responsibility

We know the importance of helping each other to make the world a better place. That's why we are the official supporter of Needs Map.

What is Needs Map?
Launched on October 7th, 2015 at the UNDP Social Good Summit, Needs Map is an online platform, where people in need of something can connect with those who can help them around the country. In addition to this, anyone who would like to offer support is able to submit it to the system. The main point of the social initiative is that it is possible to ask for any type of need from veterinary services to school materials and even volunteers for a social project.

  • Non-profit
  • Social Cooperative
  • Supportive
  • Collaboration
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Subsidiaries of Macenta

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Live Events & Broadcasting Solutions

We provide companies a place to stream their events, conferences and meetings virtually with custom web design, functionalities that fit within the requirements and great customer support with a short response time.


Online Conferences & Summits

Use one of our ready-made conferencing platforms or let us design a new one just for you.


Online Streaming

If you have a show, play or a performance that needs to be streamed, we are here for you.


Customised Solutions

We can take your ideas to the next level. Contact us to discuss our solutions and for further information.

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We are aware that good use of mother tongue is as important as learning a foreign language. Breathing new life into education, Jungo aims to develop both mother tongue development and world citizenship awareness.

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