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At LightSail, we are dedicated to two things. Solving the thorniest problems in K through 12 literacy and turning your students into readers.

We know what works when it comes to fostering students’ literacy growth. We’ve seen it in the research, and we see it play out in the classroom-based evidence every day.

Students who read for 25 mins or more in their just right zone, are learning and growing. Their test scores and reading behaviours are the proof.

Our adaptive learning technologies are giving students and educators the tools they need to exceed their literacy goals. It all begins with access to more than 6000 assessed texts from nearly 100 publishers across all topics and genres.

LightSail can ensure that all students, regardless of interest of level will have something great to read. When students first start using LightSail, they take a quick, grade levelled, yet adaptive diagnostic, called the Power Challenge.

The Power Challenge yields a Lexile measure for each student and then LightSail uses that Lexile to adapt each student’s Library to present a personalised selection.

In addition to the custom view of just right books, students can also browse the entire library by topic or genre.

As they browse, they’ll see books marked with small green lightning bolts, indicating that those books are power texts. These books are specifically within that reader’s current zone of proximal development and will foster more rapid reading growth.

Power texts are just one way that LightSail adapts and personalises the reading experience, to make students more powerful readers.

LightSail libraries are designed actively to promote the reading practices that will best foster growth. As a student reads and takes LightSail’s in-text assessments, the library continues to adapt based on her newly calibrated Lexile measure and new power texts are featured, helping to ensure she is always reading just right books.

LightSail embeds assessments right into the student reading experience, to ensure that students are engaged and growing. Short, relevant questions appear with frequency, as the student progresses through a text, making assessment feel authentic and low-stakes.

LightSail partnered with MetaMetrics, the creator of the Lexile framework, to embed vocabular assessments, called Cloze items, featured every two to four pages throughout each book. These assessments allow LightSail to accurately pin-point a student’s reading level, predict future performance and dynamically adjust their reading experience through continuously updating their library.

Students will also encounter Multiple Choice and Short Response Questions at the end of chapters. These questions look more closely at a student’s comprehension of a particular book and how a student is performing on a specific skill, strategy or standard.

Short response questions are written at an appropriately complex level and require text evidence, as well as critical thinking.

Teachers can see how students are performing on the embedded multiple choice or short response questions, and they can drill down to specific standards in order to inform targeted instruction.

Every book comes complete with in-text assessments, so that schools can begin using LightSail without any effort whatsoever, yet LightSail is also customisable. Like many of LightSail’s features, teachers can turn assessments on or off for individual students, or an entire class, further customising the experience.

Teachers can also add their own assessment questions through LightSail’s drop-a-pin feature. LightSail’s assessments and behaviour data present a wholistic and comprehensive view of a student, and greatly simplify the work of educators, by helping them target instruction and motivating students on an individual basis.

LightSail believes in the motivating power of giving students transparency around their own data. Students can follow their Lexile growth, project their future reading levels based on recent performance and chart their progress towards goals.

LightSail students who track their development in this way, often take on the challenge of beating these projected Lexile scores, encouraging even the most reluctant readers to push themselves to succeed and celebrate their accomplishments.

Students can also see how many books they have read during that year and earn motivational badges as they try out new genres, score well on assessments and increase their reading stamina. Adaptive, personalised word walls help students keep track of words they’ve looked up and cloze assessments they’ve missed, while continuing to support vocabulary acquisition. All behaviours that lead to better, stronger readers.

Persuasive learning technologies like these encourage students to perform better on the assessments they encounter throughout the texts. The result? Better comprehension and increased ownership of learning and greater motivation to read more. By helping students make meaning of their own data, LightSail bolsters their development as readers.

LightSail enhances instruction, with new insights for teachers, whether it’s for a whole class, a small group or individual students. LightSail’s ThinkFeed brings classroom discussions to new levels, giving every student a voice, even those who don’t normally participate. As students record their thoughts directly into texts, teachers can see and respond to these annotations in real-time, initiating a kind of instant dialogue that students love.

With access to student reading behaviour, annotations and achievement data at their fingertips and in real-time, teachers can group students meaningfully, to provide targeted instruction. LightSail is designed to handle the logistical burden of differentiation for ELA, so teachers can focus on what matters most, meeting the needs of every reader in your classroom.