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Scholastic Literacy Pro

Are all of your students developing as readers?

Scholastic Literacy Pro is a powerful, research-based program that makes it easier to target instruction and ensure that students are reading the right books to maximize reading growth and academic achievement.

Literacy Pro provides seamless, flexible support for the areas in your curriculum that are crucial for reading success.


Accurately measures reading comprehension against relevant proficiency benchmarks


Data-driven reports inspire differentiated teaching and progress towards academic goals


Automatically matches every child to books they can and will want to read

How Targeted Reading Develops Literacy Skills

When children read within their targeted range, defined by MetaMetrics as 100 Lexiles below and 50 Lexiles above their Lexile measure, they comprehend 75% of what they are reading. That’s enough to understand the text and not feel frustrated while also acquiring new vocabulary and reading skills in the process.

1. Students identify their reading interests to inform a personalized list of books they will want to read.

2. Reading lists are generated based on a student’s Lexile level, interests, and age.

3. Students select a book to read and then complete a short quiz to measure their understanding.

Literacy Pro Library

Interactive, leveled eBooks.

Literacy Pro Library transforms independent reading, delivering a supportive, engaging experience for children of all ages and ability levels.

High-Quality Content that Children Want to Read

• Unlimited access to 830+ high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles

• A range of ability levels, from Beginning Reader to 1300L+

• Popular series and bestsellers like Goosebumps, Maze Runner, and Discover More

Interactive, embedded tools provide a customized level of support for every child.

• Messaging feature captures thoughts and questions while students are reading.

• Optional read-aloud supports beginning readers and ELL students.

• Clickable vocabulary definitions have audio and pictorial support.

• Audio recorder to practice fluency and pronunciation.

Get your students reading the right books and monitor their progress.

• Teachers and students have personalized dashboards.

• Quick access to performance data and reading habits.

• Seamless access to book quizzes in Literacy Pro.

• Curated book collections to quickly find books in the same genre or series.

• Search filters like age range, Lexile, interests, reading skill, and more make it easy to find the right books.

• Easily assign titles to a class, group, or individual students.

Offers digital resources, assessment, and data tools.

• Guided Reading Leveling Stickers

• All books are pre-stickered with Guided Reading levels.

• Implementation Guide

• Professional learning resource to help you differentiate instruction.

• Resource Kit includes 15 Implementation Guides, 5 Guided Reading Toolkits, 1 Set-Up Guide, 1 Implementation DVD, and access to the text set finder website.

• Guided Reading Toolkit

• Critical strategies for using guided reading effectively


Introduce your students to the joy of reading!

BookFlix builds a love of reading and learning by pairing fiction and nonfiction—online!


• Vocabulary support and word definitions

• Word-by-word highlighting for videos and eBooks

• Detailed lesson plans to support instruction

• Child-friendly web links to extend learning

• Tablet and interactive whiteboard compatible

• Bilingual version available

• Comprehension quizzes for all BookFlix titles found in

• Annual web-based subscription with unlimited 24/7 access


Watch, read, explore.

TrueFlix strengthens students’ reading skills and builds knowledge in science and social studies with engaging videos and eBooks.


• Video-eBook pairs introduce and expand on each topic

• Read-along option with highlighted text

• Vocabulary definitions

• Articles and web-links to extend learning

• Lesson plans and assessments

• Tablet and interactive whiteboard compatible

• Comprehension quizzes for all TrueFlix titles found in

• Annual web-based subscription with unlimited 24/7 access