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Introduction to Minigon

Minigon is a new, ten level, pre-school course for very young learners of English from beginner to elementary level. This child-friendly fun series integrates cross-curricular learning with story-based learning whilst building environmental awareness. With lovely, fun and stimulating stories, games, songs and a wide variety of activities; the series presents the words and phrases in a context that entertains and motivates children so as to optimize their engagement with their own learning. The series involves the most up-to-date methodologies and dynamic learning techniques with a student-centered approach. Through games, songs and chanting rhymes, children will enjoy learning English within the context of stories, using flashcards and doing craft activities.

Who is Minigon for?

Minigon is for young and very young learners who have just started learning English as a foreign or second language, and for those who are at higher levels.

Minigon Online Activites & LMS

Minigon World is the brand new interactive experience that allows children to create their own stories.

With a host of other features including;

  • Design your own character
  • Mini Games
  • Picture Dictionary

This platform also links to a teacher’s LMS whereby teacher’s can send messages directly to students and track student’s progress. Will be available for Android and iOS soon.


Each topic is also accompanied by a side topic that can be seen through the stories.

  • Colours - (Farm Animals)
  • Numbers - (Animals)
  • House - (Prepositions/furniture)
  • Clothes - (Seasons/weather)
  • One Day - (Shapes)
  • Body Parts - (Toys)
  • Food - (Fruits)
  • Jobs - (Town)
  • Animals - (Nature)
  • Sports - (Family Members)


  • Teacher’s Books
  • Student’s Books
  • Homework Books
  • Stickers
  • Audio CD’s
  • Certificates
  • Play-mats
  • Fun Pages
  • Colouring Books

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